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Chartwell products are sold by authorized distributors to a variety of businesses and customers nationwide.
Individual pharmacies and retailers carry selective of our products that best serve their clientele,
meaning not all products are available via the following distributors and retail locations.
If you are looking for a specified product, you can contact us or the retailer in advance for availability.
If you are unable to purchase a particular Chartwell product at your preferred location, call us at 1-800-661-1150,
we will try our best to locate another distributor or retail location to serve you.
Distributors Major Retail Locations Major Retail Locations
21st Century Trading (Delta, BC) A&J Pharmacy (Scarborough, ON) New 2000 Supermarket (Richmond, BC)
Access Pacific Enterprise Ltd. (Vancouver, BC) A&W Pharmacy (Scarborough, ON) New Pacific Supermarket (Coquitlam, BC)
 AWIN Enterprise (Vancouver, BC) Advance Pharmacy (Markham, ON) Park Pacific Pharmacy (Richmond, BC)
AYEON Enterprises (Richmond, BC) Chair Stuff Sales Ltd. (Vancouver, BC) Pharmasave (1st Ave, Vancouver, BC)
EKIBA Packaging & Supplies (Coquitlam, BC) China Housewares Discount Centre  (Vancouver, BC) Pharmasave (Aberdeen Ctr, Richmond, BC)
FST Packaging (Richmond, BC) Bayview Hill Pharmacy (Richmond Hill, ON) Pharmasave (Cloverdale, BC)
Ho Wan Trading Ltd. (Richmond, BC) Canpharm Drugs (Vancouver, BC) PriceSmart Foods - Ackroyd Rd (Richmond, BC)
IC Systems (Vancouver, BC) Corning Drugs (Vancouver, BC) PriceSmart Foods - Station Square (Burnaby, BC)
Imperial Distributors Canada Inc.  (Richmond, BC) Crystal Pharmacy (Burnaby, BC) Regency Medical Supplies (Burnaby, BC)
Kohl and Frisch Limited (nationwide) Delta Prescription Clinic (Delta, BC) Sea Horse Household Products (Richmond, BC)
Ministry of Labour, Citizens' Services and   Open Government (Coquitlam, BC) New Empire Supermarket (Richmond, BC) Sea Horse Household Products (Vancouver, BC)
Pacific Coast Home Products (Richmond, BC) Forum Home Appliances (Burnaby, BC) Service Plus Pharmacy (Richmond, BC)
Regency Medical Supplies (Burnaby, BC) Forum Home Appliances (Richmond, BC) Superior Dollar Shop (Vancouver, BC)
Weber Supply Company (Richmond, BC) Forum Home Appliances (Vancouver, BC) T&T Supermarket Inc. (BC & AB)
Winning Trading Co. (Vancouver, BC) Fukunoya Housewares (Richmond, BC) Vancouver Dollar Shop (Vancouver, BC)
uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs (Richmond, BC) Hen Long Oriental Foods (Surrey, BC) Valley Evergreen Pharmacy (Langley, BC)
Yen Bros. Food Service (Vancouver, BC) International Plumbing (Vancouver, BC) Yanonaka Houseware (Scarborough, ON)